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The Works (Leeds) and Hunslet’s local community groups this summer; to bring a new site-specific mural to the Kitson Road wall - outside of our local skatepark.


Not many know, but the site of The Works has lived a number of previous lives before it became the beloved skatepark that we now know. Interested in celebrating the relationship between The Works’ heritage, and its contemporary status - This summer, artists, Bobbi Rae, Emma Hardaker and Kasia Bresca worked together with Hunslet’s local communities to produce an artwork that is inspired by the social and physical evolution of the area.


The design draws upon ideas and visuals shared in public workshops, available for all ages, held in Hunslet, Leeds, in August 2017. This aims to demonstrate the notion of collaboration and community that has been prevalent throughout the history of The Works’ site – from its use as a factory, a carriage works and now, a skatepark and alternative learning facility. The mural celebrates the differences as well as the commonalities of the site’s evolving social history.


Through collage and symbolism, the artists aim to create a mural that resonates with the local residents - by employing a narrative which unifies local communities; that celebrates the past and the present.

This project is facilitated by The Works Skatepark, Leeds and in collaboration with Hunslet Remembered and Statfold Barn Railway Archive, Tamworth. Workshops, designs and artworks are by local and international artists, Bobbi Rae, Emma Hardaker and Kasia Bresca – in collaboration with our diverse and enthusiastic workshop participants.

Hunslet  Mural Project 

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